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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Diaries of the Technology / Social Media Diet

Has this technology evolution really been any good for humanity?

Welcome to the age of Digitisation.

Here you are welcome to toss your school bag, make space in your living room by using all those books for firewood... in fact, just throw away everything (keep the couch), speak to the world from one place, understand any language, learn about anything and everything, know where and when your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend was last night and when she last ate Nandos, you can have an "affair" without actually doing anything, you can be multiple people at one time, you can also measure the distance between yourself and mars in a matter of seconds, you can walk down any street in the world and quickly get told what shops are where and who of your friends are close by... without actually being in that street, you can quickly voice your feelings / latest emotional breakdown to the world in a matter of seconds, you can even follow Beyonce around and she could possibly follow you back.

Best of all you can do all of this with out even moving an inch, a couch and the www is pretty much all you need....... And from the rumours I have heard, soon you will be able to toast your bread from one device too.

Amazing isn't it? James Bond movies cease to impress in this age.

Teconomically speaking, Digitisation has certainly revolutionised our world, from a personal to business perspective. We haven't even realised how much businesses are cashing in on our web-obsessed habits, the most of us aren't even aware of how we are influenced daily.

Actually scrap that thought, it is not just larger scale businesses cashing in on this, it is even the 17 year old high-school student who just designed a way to keep you seated at that couch... App's is what they call them. I recently chatted to a 20 year old guy who started coding at the age of 12 years old. At the age of 17, he designed a desktop application for a well known Instant Messaging Application, and well pretty much earns between 7-9K additional income per month for designing an app once & earning an income off advertisements.

Even the out-of-school, broke-ass-student cliche is over. Students no longer need to resort to budget jug nights, when they pretty much have more than double "minimal wage" recurring income for once designing an app. These kids are investing their ideas and creativity with hardly any effort.

This somehow reverts my thoughts back to: http://lisa-jehaan.blogspot.com/2013/06/30s-are-not-new-20s-kidults-20s.html

And so I suppose, the digital boom has added significant value to our economical evolvement.

At the foundation of all of this, we've witnessed great minds and ideas that sparked this digital boom, the "Einstein's" of our time such as Al Gore who contributed to the funding and development of the WWW and the development of the Information Superhighway........Technology Rockstar Jobs, was one of the greatest giants in the information age as Co-Founder of Apple Computers Inc, which introduced the world to the iMac and the first Internet ready computer and then went on to the iBook, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad.

That is naming only but two of the many, many, many intellectuals who have paved the way.

So it is pretty obvious how well this digital age has been for science and business development, my question is: Has this evolution been any good for our humanity?

I believe that we have become de-sensitised in the age of "touch" from morals, feelings, communication and I'll dare to go as far as thought.

Ironically speaking, the age of "touch" has contradicted it's own meaning. The feel of our boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, kids, emails, banking, a baseball bat, shopping, research, books have all mainstreamed into one description: cold hard plastic.

What effect has this unknowingly had on one of our most important senses touch?

Touch could be considered one of the more important senses, it is what helps distinguish between different textures, detect cold and warmth, softness and pain. Emotionally it helps us connect with each other, its the feeling of comfort, sexual satisfaction, reminds us of our humanity and that giving a broken-down homeless child a hug could make up for a worlds amount of lost comfort, it is the feeling we get when the one you love holds your hand, when kissing your wife after a week's business trip,a mothers touch and smell is how a baby recognises its mother and the feeling of warmth provides comfort and love.

We've replaced all the above with devices and mainstreamed this into what it "feels" like to : cold, hard plastic  the screen of your smartphone devices.
Flesh Light adapter to iPad.

Don't believe me? We "chat" to our friends more than we see them, our children are educated and baby-sat by our devices, we have relationships via skype, it even goes as far as touching our partners intimately via Skype using Durex's "Fundawear"  plug your undies / bra's into your smartphone device and touch the other persons genitals by swiping areas of their body on your device which sends vibrating signals to those areas, and to take it a step further...we can even have sex with our smartphones. Who needs a girlfriend these days?

Still don't believe me? Check it out:

About two years ago I decided to commit social suicide by joining the anti-Facebook campaign. It felt like a big decision, the kind of decision for which you need to prepare, you need to formally inform friends and family, you need to disassociate yourself, you need to hold your breathe and prepare for world domination- SHUT DOWN & non-existence...

At that same time, having the luck that I usually have, my Blackberry broke too.

Good bye world.

Suddenly months go by without hearing from friends, the strong urge of neediness to check on the world (statuses) subsides, you get a message from your mom, husband and aunt for your birthday and you're completely out of the loop.

Nonetheless, it's the best decision I have made.

I pay more attention to the important things in life and focus on the people that matter. Old school if you like, I'll call you when I think of you and give you 10 minutes of my undivided attention, you'll tell me things that matter and I'll no longer be informed by your constant nags, your every move and your 1002 profile pics. My birthday comes and few remember, but who cares about those who got "reminders" anyway. My dirty laundry stays in the washing machine in my HOME. My husband and I, we actually talk more, we're much more inter-active and no longer come home only to sit in the company of whoever we're chatting to, this was  usually followed by a "BB"- "So what's 4 supper?" 

Technology is amazing and serves a greater purpose by being with you every minute of everyday. In my profession I am forced to market and interact with end-users using the social world and its great for keeping your business current with the trends and marketing by preying on the social addicts. #marketingkiller

But I think we all need to stop and take a look at the things that we have forgotten to be important. The simple things that now appear to be more of an effort. Technology is great, but don't allow it to consume all of your attention causing you to neglect what was once and still is the best forms of communicating. Sometimes the original wiring to communicate and think posses much more value and is guaranteed to be much more appreciated. 

So now go on and FB, Tweet and whatever the hell other mediums you use to share this :) Thanks!

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